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  6. Bài tập về câu bị động

    1.My father waters this flower every morning.

    2.John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night.

    3.Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen.

    4.We should clean our teeth twice a day.

    5.Our teachers have explained the English grammar.

    6.Some drunk drivers caused the accident in this city.

    7.Tom will visit his parents next month.

    8.The manager didn’t phone the secretary this morning.

    9.Did Mary this beautiful dress?

    10.I won’t hang these old pictures in the living room.

    11.The German didn’t build this factory during the Second World War.

    12.The Greens are going to paint this house and these cars for Christmas Day.

    13.Ann had fed the cats before she went to the cinema.

    14.The students have discussed the pollution problems since last week.

    15.Have the thieves stolen the most valuable painting in the national museum?

    16.Some people will interview the new president on TV.

    17.How many languages do they speak in Canada?

    18.Are you going to repair those shoes?

    19.He has broken his nose in a football match.

    20.Have you finished the above sentences?

    EXERCISE 2 Chuyển sang bị động

    1.The waiter brings me this dish.
    2.Our friends send these postcards to us.
    3.Their grandmother told them this story when they visited her last week.
    4.Tim ordered this train ticket for his mother.
    5.You didn’t show me the special camaras.
    6.She showed her ticket to the airline agent.
    7.He lends his friend his new shoes.
    8.She left her relatives five million pounds.
    9.The shop assistant handed these boxes to the customer.
    10.The board awarded the first prize to the reporter.
    11.Have you sent the christmas cards to your family?
    12.The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting.
    13.He hides the broken cup in the drawer.
    14.They keep this room tidy all the time.
    15.They all voted the party a great success.
    16.We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers.
    17.They moved the fridge into the living room.
    18.She bought some cups of tea to the visitors in the next room.
    19.They find the new project worthless.
    20.The secretary didn’t take the note to the manager.

    1.They told me that you were the best architect in this city.
    2.She reported that the flowers were killed by frost.
    3.Some people inform me that the director is going to take a business trip to England.
    4.That officer announced that the meeting was delayed until next week.
    5.He discovered that this cotton was grown in Egypt.
    6.They promise that the performance will start on time.
    7.He recommends that we should stay at the city center.
    8.We believed that Alice would pass the driving test.
    9.The director notifies all the workers that they will have to work extra hard this month.
    10.They have persuaded me that they will go with me to the stadium.
    11.They have decided that the company will go to the beach together at the weekend.
    12.People think that Maradona is the best football player in the 20th century.
    13.They find that the job is not suitable for a girl like her.
    14.The teacher explained that this powerful engine pulled the train.
    15.He told me that his football team had played well last season.



    1.I had my nephew paint the gate last week.
    2.She will have Peter wash her car tomorrow.
    3.They have her tell the story again.
    4.John gets his sister to clean his shirt.
    5.Anne had had a friend type her composition.
    6.Rick will have a barber cut his hair.
    7.I will get the dressmaker to make a new dress.

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    linhpersie (04-23-2013)

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