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    Ôn tập ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12 (Unit 9)

    I. Cirle the best option to complete each sentence:
    1. Mickey Mouse Cartoons _________ into sixty languages
    a. have translated b. translated
    c. have been translated d. were being translated
    2. Today many kinds of electric devices _________ in Japan
    a. produced b. were produced c. are produced d. will produce
    3. The room _________ when I arrived
    a. was cleaning b. is cleaned c. was cleaned d. was being cleaned
    4. Oh, No! My camera isn’t here. It _________ stolen!
    a. has been b. is c. is being d. has
    5. Fiat _________ a group of Italian businessmen
    a. is started for b. is started by c. was started by d. was started for
    6. Unless we can find new sources of energy, our life will certainly _________
    a. affect b. be affected c. affected d. be affecting
    7. The World Health Organization _________ in 1948 in order to carry out medical research and improve international health care
    a. was established b. had established c. established d. had been established
    8. This atlas _________ in the classroom yesterday
    a. wsa leaving b. left c. was left d. leaves
    9. Glass is usually _________ sand
    a. made from b. made of c. made by d. made with
    10. The manager _________ the cheque recently
    a. has been signed b. has signed c. sign d. signed
    11. I’m going to have my house _____________ this weekend
    a. redecorates b. redecorating c. rederacoted d. redecorate
    12. Dad, I want to have my bike _________. It looks so ugly
    a. to repaint b. repaint c. repainted d. repainting
    13. My children had many photographs _________ while we were on our vacation
    a. taking b. take c. taken d. took
    14. I’m going to have the mechanic _________ my car tomorrow
    a. will be repaired b. repair c. repaired d. to be repaired
    15. I’m going to go out and _________
    a. have made my dress b. have my dress made
    c. let my dress made d. my dress be made
    II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets
    1. Toshico had her car (repair) _________ by a mechanic
    2. Ellon got Marvin (type) _________ her paper
    3. We got our house (paint) _________ last week
    4. Dr. Byrd is having the students (write) _________ a composition
    5. Mark got his transcripts (send) _________ to the university
    6. Maria is having her hair (cut) _________ tomorrow
    7. Will Mr. Brown have the porter (carry) _________ his luggage to his car?
    8. My sister has had a new dress (make) _________ recently
    9. The Wilsons won’t have a new house (build) _________ on that corner next month
    10. The President had his advisors (arrange) _________ a press conference
    III. Turn the following sentences into the passive voice or the active voice
    1. They can’t make tea with cold water __________________________________________________ __
    2. They will hold the meeting before May Day ______________________________________________
    3. They have to repair the engine of the car _________________________________________________
    4. The teacher is going to tell a story __________________________________________________ ____
    5. Mary is cutting the cake with a sharp knife _______________________________________________
    6. Luckily for me, they didn’t call my name ________________________________________________
    7. No one believes his story __________________________________________________ ___________
    8. After class, one of the students always erases the chalk board ________________________________
    9. They have provided the victims with food and clothing _____________________________________
    10. The chief enginer was instructing all the workers of the plant ________________________________
    11. The teacher gave each of us two exercise books __________________________________________
    12. Someone will tell him that news __________________________________________________ ____
    13. They paid me a lot of money to do the job ______________________________________________
    14. Open your book._____________________________________________ ______________________
    15. Take off your hat.______________________________________________ ____________________
    16. Don’t do that silly thing again.____________________________________________ ____________
    17. Have they changed the window of the laboratory _________________________________________
    18. Do they teach English here? __________________________________________________ ________
    19. Will you invite her to your wedding party? ______________________________________________
    20. Did the teacher give some exercises __________________________________________________ __
    21. Is she making big cakes for the party __________________________________________________ _
    22. Why didn’t they help him? __________________________________________________ ________
    23. How many games has the team played? ________________________________________________
    24. Where do people speak English? __________________________________________________ ____
    25. Who are they keeping in the kitchen? __________________________________________________
    26. Who looked after the children for you?______________________________________________ ___
    27. These exersice were done well __________________________________________________ ______
    28. This dress must be washed in cold water ________________________________________________
    29. The lessons are being written by the students now ________________________________________
    30. These animals at the zoo are fed twice a day _____________________________________________
    31. All the arrangements have been made __________________________________________________
    32. When was this radio manufactured? __________________________________________________ _
    33. How are candles made? __________________________________________________ ___________
    34. Is Mathematics taught in this school? __________________________________________________
    35. Were you taught how to apply this theory by your teachers? ________________________________
    IV. Rewrite the second sentence in such a way that it has the same meaning as the one before it:
    1. The architect has drawn plans for an extension of the house
    Plans __________________________________________________ _____________________________
    2. They haven’t cleaned the streets this week. The streets _____________________________________
    3. No one has signed this cheque. This cheque ______________________________________________
    4. He couldn’t repair the broken vase. The__________________________________________________
    5. They’ll have to change the date of the meeting again
    The date______________________________________________ _______________________________
    6. The robber made the bank manager hand over the money
    The bank manager___________________________________________ __________________________
    7. The postman was bitten by our dog. Our dog_____________________________________________
    8. They will catch all the prisoners again by tonight. All the prisoners____________________________
    9. Sally was given a microcomputer for her birthday by her parents
    Sally’s parents __________________________________________________ _____________________
    10. Someone has stolen my bike. My bike _________________________________________________
    11. The mechanic serviced my car last week. I ______________________________________________
    12. They don’t eat the cake because it is very bad. The cake ___________________________________
    13. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week
    We __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    14. Somebody repaired her car yesterday. She ______________________________________________
    15. That old house at the end of the road has been sold
    They______________________________________________ __________________________________
    16. My suit needs to be cleaned before the interview. I must ___________________________________
    17. Mr. Dryden mended the washing machine for me
    I had __________________________________________________ _____________________________
    18. People speak English in Australia. English
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