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    Câu bị động

    Change the following sentences into passive voice

    1. They can't make tea with cold water.
    2. The chief engineer was introcting all the workers of the plant
    3. Somebody has taken away some of my books
    4. They will hold the meeting before May Day.
    5. They have to repair the enginer of the car.
    6. The boy broke the window and took away some pictures.
    7. A man I know told me about it.
    8. No one believes his story.
    9. Do they teach English here?
    10. Will you invite her to your wedding party?
    11. Did the teacher give some exercises?
    12. Is she going to write a poem?
    13. Have they changed the window of the laboratory?
    14. Is she making big cakes for the party?
    15. Why didn't they help him?
    16. How many games has the team played?
    17. What time can the boys hand in their papers?
    18. They had sent enough money to these poor boys.
    19. People believe that 13 is an unlucky number.
    20. They rumored that man was still living.
    21. They think that he has died a natural death.
    22. People believed that the earth stood still.
    23. We'll continue to use this computer.
    24. They began to plant rubber trees in big plantations.
    25. I have heard her sing this song several times.
    26. People saw him steal your car.
    27. The detective saw the woman putting the jewelry in her bag.
    28. Open your books
    29. Don't do that silly thing again.
    30. Don't let the other see you.
    31. You need to have your hair cut.
    32. You must see it to believe it.
    33. He wants someone to take some photographs.
    34. He likes people to call him "Sir".
    35. it's your duty to do this work.
    36. It's dangerous for us to take the short cut.
    37. We enjoy writting letters.
    38. Smoke fills the room.
    39. He recommends me to do the job.
    40. She urges him to visite her parents as soon as possible.

    Turn the following sentences into the passive voice:

    1. Mary does some exercises everyday.
    2. My aunt makes a good cake.
    3. Workers repair the roof of my school.
    4. The new teacher teaches English.
    5. Sleepy drivers often cause accidents.
    6. English people like football.
    7. Alice visits her grandparents every week.
    8. My grandfather keeps old photographs in these boxes.
    9. Bill feeds the chickens every morning.
    10. Does Tom break that window?
    11. Monica found the car.
    12. A violent storm destroyed the fishing village.
    13. The lawyer made the decision.
    14. Did your daughter eat that pie ?
    15. What plays did Shakespeare write ?
    16. Her husband didn’t love her.
    17. They invited a lot of people to their party last night.
    18. Christopher discovered America in 1492.
    19. Last night, our grandmother told us a very interesting story.
    20. A policeman took him to the police- station.
    21. They have not used this machine for ages.
    22. Peter has sung this song.
    23.They have paid doctors a lot of money.
    24. She has eaten all the eggs.
    25. Famous engineers have designed the aircraft.
    26. Have several people just seen the accident?
    27. The news has surprised me.
    28. John has broken my watch.
    29. Who has written that novel ?
    30. Nobody has seen Tim since he left school in 1990.
    31. Peter is writing a letter to his friend.
    32. My friends are making some phone calls in the evening.
    33. Bad drivers are causing many accidents.
    34. Alex was preparing that report when I came to see him.
    35. Two houses were pulling the farmer’s wagon.
    36. Waiters and waitresses were serving the customers.
    37. The President was signing those papers.
    38. Was Mary helping her mother in the kitchen at that time ?
    39. The children are eating a lot of sweets.
    40. What were you doing at that time yesterday ?
    41. People play soccer all over the world.
    42. They have just told us about that.
    43. My sister is writing that note in her notebook.
    44. They keep those maps on the shelves for reference.
    45. They gave my little sister a ticket.
    46. They have invited all the members to the party.
    47. They have put up banners and flags in the square.
    48. The headmaster was making the announcement.
    49. The tamer ordered the lion to lie on the floor.
    50. They make Honda cars in Japan.
    51. You must keep your dogs in the garden.
    52. We will issue the library cards soon.
    53. We shall have to tow the car to the garage.
    54. Passengers shouldn’t throw away their tickets.
    55. Candidates may not use dictionaries.
    56. A machine could do this much more easily.
    57. His family will see him off at the airport.
    58. He’s a dangerous man. They ought to lock him up.
    59. People must hand in their weapons.
    60. Thuy has to finish her homework tonight.
    61. Today a large number of people speak English.
    62. Someone stole all her valuable jewelry last night.
    63. They are repairing my piano at the moment.
    64. A doctor has just examined John.
    65. The fire destroyed many houses in my neighborhood.
    66. Tom will return those books to the library tomorrow..
    67. They are demolishing the entire block.
    68. Bad weather has delayed Flight 202 from Miami.
    69. People use milk to make butter.
    70. you must keep your room tidy.
    71. Nobody saw her at the party last night.
    72. The government has not changed the regulation.
    73. She didn’t introduced me to her parents.
    74. Someone is cutting the grass now.
    75. Someone ought to repair this window.
    76. Dickens created the most wonderful characters.
    77. They have said that the newspaper is for the working people.
    78. My mother use milk to make yoghurt.
    79. We are organizing many cultural activities for the day.
    80. People don’t keep those books for reference.
    81. They made him go out at once.
    82. Charles Dickens wrote the famous novel “ Oliver Twist ”
    83. They were discussing an important problem when we came.
    84. You have to do these exercises right away.
    85. Has someone posted my parcel ?
    86. People say he is jealous of her.
    87. They believed that he was innocent.
    88. People know that he is armed.
    89. We know that you were in town on the night of the crime.
    90. We consider that she was the best singer at that time.
    91. they say he was a spy.
    92. People rumored that the coming drop was the worst.
    93. People say that prevention is better than cure.
    94. People believed that he was killed.
    95. They reported the expedition reached the South Pole in May.
    96. They have held a big march to promote the spirit of the working class.
    97. Who broke this window ?
    98. People think that trees are very precious.
    99. Someone will translate this letter into Vietnamese.
    100. No one could do anything to put the fire out.
    101. He turned off the lights when he went out.
    102. They made the instrument long ago.
    103. Our grandmother tells children’s stories to us in that room.
    104. They were presenting the athletes to the spectators when we came.
    105. They hadn’t found anything before the police arrived.
    106. The teacher explains the lesson.
    107. Mrs. Green is cooking the food in the kitchen.
    108. These boys made that noise.
    109. He gave him back the money last Sunday.
    110. I can’t do these exercises quickly.
    111. She had finished the report by noon.
    112. The movie has disappointed us very much.
    113. They have to pay the bill before the first of the month.
    114. They will ask you several questions.
    115. The police are holding him for further questioning.
    116. My parents promised me a bike two days ago.
    117. Somebody has locked the box so I can’t open it.
    118. They had eaten all the dinner before they finished the conversation.
    119. Did the clown made you laugh a lot last night ?
    120. I want you to do this work now.
    121. He shouldn’t do that silly thing.
    122. Somebody calls the president every morning.
    Gấu chưa có mà gió đã về.

    No one can stop me from loving you !

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