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    Ôn tập ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12 (Unit 10)

    I. Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition where is necessary
    1. I listened ______ the news ______ the radio.
    2. I’ll see you ______ 9.00 ______ the morning
    3. Don’t tell anyone ______ me
    4. I live ______ a flat ______ Paris
    5. I’m looking ______ my neighbour’s cat while she’s on holiday
    6. I waited twenty minutes ______ a bus yesterday. for
    7. What are you doing ______ this evening?
    8. She arrived ______ England two years ago
    9. I’d like to book a table ______ twelve ______ 6:30 this evening
    10. I’m going ______ home
    11. I spoke ______ Mary a few days ago
    12. My sister’s coming to stay ______ December 19
    13. The differences ______ British English and American English are small
    14. She’s arriving ______ Monday
    15. Janet doesn’t take good ______ himself
    16. It’s very cold here ______ night
    17. I never work ______ the weekend
    18. I’m a little short ______ money
    19. School starts ______ September 5th
    20. I’ll see you ______ lunchtime
    21. I normally go to the south of France ______ the winter. I usually go ______ December, but ______ last December I couldn’t go because my wife was ill
    22. We are ashamed ______ his behaviour
    23. Mr. Smith is not accustomed ______ hot weather
    24. My home is far ______ school
    25. Ken was proud ______ his good marks on English
    26. My plan is similar ______ your, but it is different ______ Ken’s
    27. We’ll leave ______ eleven o’clock ______ Saturday morning
    28. Shall we visit George ______ Spain ______ next April?
    29. I always drink two cups of coffee ______ breakfast. ______ the afternoon, I drink tea. I drink hot milk ______ night before I go to bed
    30. They play golf ______ every Tuesday ______ the summer
    31. I gave her a painting ______ her birthday ______ June this year
    32. The children are playing ______ the grass ______ the park
    33. Does this bus stop ______ the railway station?
    34. I live in a flat ______ the fifth floor
    35. There is a queue of people ______ the bus stop
    36. My mother is always busy ______ her housework
    37. The air at the seaside is good ______ health
    38. My friend is good ______ Maths and Physics
    39. I put the books ______ the table
    40. The butter is ______ the fridge
    41. We are grateful ______ our teacher
    42. The beach is full ______ tourists in summer
    43. I met her ______ the party
    44. She works ______ Moscow
    45. The dictionary is ______ my desk
    46. I left my books ______ school
    47. There was still a lot of snow ______ the ground when I arrived
    48. He lives ______ a very nice area
    49. She always agrees ______ everything he says
    50. I apologize ______ keeping you waiting

    II. Cirle the best option to complete each sentence:
    1. The children were afraid _________ upsetting their parents
    a. of b. to c. with d. in
    2. Uncle Ho spent all his life fighting _________ the Independence of our country
    a. for b. over c. against d. with
    3. Valentine’s Day is celebrated _________ February 14
    a. in b. at c. on d. to
    4. I’ll have to take these books _________ to the library
    a. on b. with c. back d. off
    5. I believe _________ what he said
    a. in b. on c. with d. into
    6. English is spoken all _________ the world
    a. over b. in c. above d. on
    7. She _________ on talking although I wasn’t listening
    a. got b. looked c. put d. went
    8. You should always do your best to get along _________ other people
    a. about b. with c. into d. to
    9. He likes to take _________ in sports, not only to watch it
    a. place b. practice c. exercise d. part
    10. That car is different _________ mine
    a. to b. from c. of d. with
    11. He died _________ hunger and cold
    a. with b. by c. of d. for
    12. After his long absence from school, he found it dificult to _________ up with the rest of his class
    a. take b. make c. work d. catch
    13. She isn’t _________ well with the new manager
    a. getting on b. going on c. keeping on d. taking on
    14. I am not good _________ mathematics
    a. for b. with c. in d. at
    15. My wife will return to Bangkok _________ the fifth of March
    a. in b. on c. at d. during
    16. Did you come _________ car?
    a. with b. in c. of d. by
    17. I think we can meet _____________ the bus stop
    a. on b. at c. in d. behind
    18. It happened _____________ lunch-time _____________ Friday
    a. at/in b. at/on c. in/on d. on/at
    19. The train has to go _____________ three tunnels
    a. across b. along c. through d. under
    20. That student over there – the one _____________ the blonde hair
    a. in the blonde hair b. in blonde hair c. blonde haired d. with the blonde hair
    21. It was very late but _____________ last we reached the hotel
    a. in the b. at the c. in d. at
    22. What time did they arrive _____________ the airport?
    a. at b. in c. on d. to
    23. She learnt French _____________ listening to tapes
    a. by b. for c. on d. with
    24. The rooms were full _____________ old furniture
    a. of b. with c. from d. off
    25. “Don’t forget to take _____________ your shoes when you are in a Japanese house
    a. in b. off c. up d. apart
    26. Who’s going to look _____________ the children while you’re away?
    a. up b. after c. over d. at
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